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The Boxall Profile Handbook (Revised)

The Boxall Profile Handbook (Revised)

A guide to effective intervention in the education and care of children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The Boxall Profile is a powerful aid to understanding those children who are failing in school and in life. It empowers practitioners and ensures effective intervention.

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Includes 1 profile form.

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The Boxall Profile Handbook is an invaluable resource for helping teachers develop a precise and accurate understanding of children’s emotional and behavioural difficulties, and for planning effective interventions and support activities. The Handbook includes the Profile itself, with clear guidelines for its use and for interpreting the results. It gives case studies of children in serious difficulties showing how the Profile can be used to create effective Individual Education Plans.

This new revised and updated edition is dedicated to the memory of Marjorie Boxall. She died in 2004 but the movement she started continues to spread to the benefit of many thousands of children in the UK and abroad.



“For over 30 years the Boxall Profile has been central to a range of successful interventions for some of our most vulnerable children. This latest version of the Handbook is much extended and includes an invaluable review of child development, of what can go wrong in a child's life. It will make sense to all of us who work with disadvantaged children. Indeed, with 'child development' having disappeared from so many areas of professional training (teaching, nursing and social work) it is essential reading. It brings highly readable accounts by nurture group practitioners who radiate a confidence that they can bring about crucial change to children who are failing - or otherwise being failed by us.

The Profile is highly successful in assessing and overcoming barriers to progress in education, and in the personal and social development of children.This new material will be a great support to practitioners across many settings in work with troubled children. It will build confidence in carers coping with the negative responses of children in their charge - problems that so often lead to breakdown of trust, relationships and unltimately placement. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and recommend it without hesitation.”

Peter Lewis, former Head of Children's Services, London Borough of Haringey.

“The connection between unhappy childhood and later mental health problems is well evidenced. This new edition of the Boxall Profile Handbook is to be welcomed because it explains clearly the obstacles to good early development, how these can be recognised, carefully assessed and appropriate help given to children and their families so that they can grow up to live happy and fulfilled lives. This understanding is particularly important for children living away from their birth families who frequently have come through traumatic events in their young lives. The new edition will be helpful to the adults who work professionally with them and support their carers. Nurture groups show that early damage need not lead to problems in later life. They have a central part to play in creating a mentally healthy society.”

Professor Sue Bailey, Consultant in Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry, President Royal College of Psychiatrists.

“It is through education that we will eradicate poverty in this country, not just economic poverty, but the toxic, contagious poverty of ambition and aspiration that still blights so many of our communities. That is why nurture groups are so incredibly important. I have seen the life chances of children expand there unlike anything I have seen in any other setting. A little girl dressed herself up as a princess. Photgraphs were taken and displayed. She could not believe that she was the pretty girl in the photo. When the knowledge finally took hold her life was changed. I have never seen pride like that I saw in her face when she showed me the photographs. Her family background was not easy. Her parents had not enjoyed school and the change in their daughter changed the family. At every nurture group I have visited not just the children but their parents receive the life-changing support that they have never been offered before.”

Jamie Reed, MP for Copeland, Cumbria, House of Commons, June 10th 2008.



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